COVID-19, Changing the Way the World Works | MicroAI™
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COVID-19, Changing the Way the World Works


COVID-19, Changing the Way the World Works

The impact of COVID-19 on businesses is yet to be fully realized, and it will not be for quite some time. As most of the country is under shelter in place orders, businesses have adapted to this rapidly changing environment involving remote workers, business process transformations and shifts within overall decision making. During these ever-evolving times, organizations need to put the safety of their employees first and start exploring how to keep effective business continuity in place. Here at MicroAI, we have pulled together to determine what we can do to help organizations during this time.

We are unifying our teams across the globe to continue to work together and manage through the COVID-19 outbreak with what we do best — handling complex business processes, managing and consolidating data from disparate sources, and driving business transformation through technology and skilled resources. MicroAI is a leader in remote asset monitoring allowing organizations to be well-informed with their asset’s performance and security from remote working situations. We provide this insight by providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge. This allows for AI-Driven Edge Computing for anomaly detection on these assets to provide alerts and events when signs of failure or anomalistic signatures occur.

Decisions made now can allow organizations to thrive in the future.

A work-from-home encounter with our CEO, CTO, and Marketing/Sales Departments to collect and organize our thoughts as an organization on how to help bring remote optimization capabilities to businesses affected by Covid-19.

This pandemic has been an eye-opening event for companies realizing that they have been focused on short-term operational goals and have lost sight of long-term technology investments. Collaboration is essential in any work environment. How companies and its employees stay organized with projects, records and tasks can sometimes be challenging when these systems are not cloud-based business process automation systems for efficient workflow processes. Our Consulting Teams at MicroAI can quickly map out process flows and stand-up a Business Process Automation tools within a matter of days to keep businesses moving forward. From mobile applications for remote monitoring of assets and processes, to collaborative cloud-based solutions for organizing remote teams- we have you covered.

Beyond technology and more importantly there is a need for more resources. We have skilled professionals across many fields that can augment temporary needs within teams to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Bottom line is that we are here to help, however we can.