Team Exotic - Online Internal Hackathon Event by ONE Tech
Manufacturing and Industrial Automation companies have been trying to break the 70% OEE barrier. Predictive Manufacturing paves the way to OEE scores of 85%.
Predictive Manufacturing
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Hackathon -Team Exotic

Hackathon -Team Exotic

ONE Tech
Innovation Hackathon
for COVID-19

  • Start Date: 04/03/2020
  • End Date: 04/19/2020
  • Start Time: 4pm CDT
  • End Time: 4:30pm CDT

Team Exotic

  • Trieu
  • Ryan
  • Faizan
  • Michael

Team Summary

Our “Team Exotic” houses a lean team of two technical developers (Ryan and Faizan) and two marketers (Michael and Trieu). Our members all had experience in dealing with the technology powering ONE Tech, Inc. so it was easy to be on the same page for this special Hackathon. At the start, our developers would discuss with the team on what technical capabilities they could bring to the table. Through several brainstorming sessions came a list of B2B and B2C marketable products. Though it was a tough call, we had to go with one product, SafeJourney, since it stood the best chance at being something relatable, marketable, and most technologically sound – all while having a robust revenue model. SafeJourney is a mobile/web platform that uses MicroAI™ technology to detect abnormal infection rate of Covid-19 for the traveler’s destination. With the creation of our product, it was clear to see the wide-ranging implications of ONE Tech’s proprietary technology.

Team Exotic’s Presentation Footage


Placing: 2nd Place!


  1. First Place Team: $5000 team award plus Company would contribute $5000 towards your favorite charity working to help local communities
  2. Second Place Team: $2500 team award
  3. Third Place Team: $150 Amazon Gift Card for each member
  4. Lots of consolation prizes for everyone for participating

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