AI is Changing Business Models Across Many Industries
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MicroAI™ Atom – Edge AI that Will Change Business Models

Edge AI that Will Change Business Models

MicroAI™ Atom – Edge AI that Will Change Business Models

What is MicroAI™ Atom? This simple question can become complicated for those with limited experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In simple terms, we can define MicroAI™ Atom as the first AI solution that embeds and trains AI models directly onto smart assets.

MicroAI™ Atom – A Real-World Use Case

Before we look at a specific MicroAI™ Atom use case, let’s consider the two principal mechanisms for interaction with the AI that is enabled by this new technology. A user can interact with the AI when ingesting data (raw and/or clean) or when using the AI data output to define events or detect anomalies.

There are many potential MicroAI™ Atom use cases but, in this article, we will focus on one. Let’s assume that an insurance company named ABC requires every car to install a small computer device such as Raspberry PI or other type of Microcontroller Unit (MCU). In that small computer device, we will have MicroAI™ Atom enabled to provide monitoring of the targeted parameters for that specific vehicle.

By using MicroAI™ Atom , ABC will be able to monitor—in real time—the behavior of each driver within each AI-enabled vehicle. Behaviors such as:

  • Percentage of time that the vehicle is running
  • How often the vehicle is stopped
  • Deviations from assigned vehicle routes
  • Braking tendencies from driver to driver
  • Variances in driver speeds during changing traffic conditions and times of day
  • And much more….


This level of real-time, AI-enabled, monitoring helps ABC develop insurance pricing curves that are based on actual driver habits and tendencies. This performance-based pricing helps ensure that drivers are paying insurance rates that are based on objective assessments of their habits and risks. ABC will be better able to provide customized rates to its customers based on a much more intimate and reliable approach to vehicle monitoring. Bad drivers pay more. Good drivers pay less. Bad drivers will receive feedback on their bad driving habits that will encourage them to improve. That improvement would lead to reduced insurance rates. A win-win situation for ABC and its customers.

Additional Benefits

ABC will also be able to provide predictive analytics that will provide drivers with insights into optimum maintenance schedules. These analytics are based on machine learning algorithms that continue to learn as they go, providing deep analysis into the conditions of a specific vehicle.

With MicroAI™ Atom, ABC will be able to provide a comprehensive heath score that covers the entire vehicle. Depending on specific needs, this health score can provide a host of vehicle information. This could include:

  • Condition of tires
  • Recommendations for tire rotation or replacement
  • Condition of brakes and analysis of braking issues
  • Status of battery and predicted life expectancy
  • Condition of critical engine parts and recommended actions


By using MicroAI™ Atom to embed AI into the computer devices deployed inside many of today’s vehicles, ABC can create an entirely new business model that will increase its competitive edge by providing new value to its customers.

For humans, one quote really defines us “The more we know the better we are” this small quote can be applied to AI as well.