MicroAI Insight™ Provides a Full Suite of AI Capabilities
Industry 4.0 initiatives continue to gain momentum across virtually every industrial and manufacturing segment.
Predictive Maintenance
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MicroAI Insight™ – A Complete Endpoint AI Analytics Suite


MicroAI Insight™ – A Complete Endpoint AI Analytics Suite

Companies are continuously searching for ways to improve their operational efficiency. This is especially critical for those operations that rely on the performance of complex asset and machine ecosystems.

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions have helped operations partially realize the objective of sustainable operational excellence. However, many of those solutions were siloed in terms of design and application. This has often resulted in disconnects between the enabling of asset intelligence and the analysis of the data produced by that intelligence. Closing those gaps has required advancements in AI technology as well as improved visibility into the entire Edge AI-enabled asset ecosystem.


Key Questions Being Asked

For today’s asset-intensive industries, having “smart” assets is not enough to establish real competitive advantage. Where is that intelligence being enabled? Is the intelligence asset specific? Can the data being produced be accessed and displayed in real-time? Does that data have to be transmitted to the cloud for processing? How intelligent are the asset management workflows?

The answers to the above questions can determine the operation’s level of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) as well as its competitive position.


Closing the Intelligence Gap  

Bridging existing intelligence gaps requires a more holistic approach to AI enablement of devices, machines, and processes. Operations need a solution that combines the enablement and training of asset-centric AI/ML algorithms, the application of AI to create intelligent workflows, and the ability to quickly synthesize and visualize data—all within a secure environment.

This new comprehensive solution will provide asset-heavy operations with significant advantages in asset management, predictive maintenance, predictive analytics, dashboard visualization, and cyber-security.


The Solution – MicroAI Insight™

MicroAI Insight is a first-of-its-kind Endpoint-AI analytics suite that provides a more holistic approach to management and utilization of data generated by AI-enabled machines and processes. MicroAI Insight™ delivers foundational intelligence capabilities, including the following:

  • Intelligent Workflows: The embedding and training of intelligent workflows that are dynamic, automated, and locally managed. Edge-AI workflows that learn and self-adjust to keep processes finely tuned for maximum efficiency.
  • Data Ingestion: Seamless and secure ingestion of data from a wide variety of industrial, manufacturing, and automotive devices and equipment. This can include sensors, robots, inspection machines, PLC’s, IoT field assets, and databases.
  • Visualization and Dashboarding: A powerful—local–visualization engine that enables real-time event management across individual assets within a smart asset ecosystem. Drag and drop, customizable, dashboards can be configured to visualize real-time asset data and to trigger actionable alerts.
  • Embedded Security: Smart asset performance monitoring that includes AI-enabled security and SSL protocols. Protection from cyber-threats using cutting-edge AI capable encryption methods that protect against intrusion of foreign devices into your smart asset environment.
  • Asset-Centric Scalability: Unlike other methodologies, MicroAI Insight™ can be deployed on multiple smart assets, individually and simultaneously, to enable asset-specific performance benchmarking, real-time data visualization, intelligent field service workflows, and more.

MicroAI-Insight-Analytics-1Impact to Operational KPI

Unlike other solutions that focus on a narrow range of operational functions, MicroAI Insight™ provides enhanced intelligence, visibility, and control across a broad cross-section of mission-critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Tangible improvements are realized within the following areas:

  • Asset Management
    • Remote monitoring of individual assets within an asset ecosystem
    • Rapid asset performance anomaly detection and response
    • Customizable drag-and-drop asset monitoring dashboards
    • AI-enabled, machine-specific, predictive maintenance routines
    • Improved machine throughput and uptime rates
    • Localized protection of devices and machines from Zero-Day cyber-attack
    • Extended lifespan of expensive assets
    • Lower cost of asset ownership
  • Intelligent Workflows
    • Next-generation sales process management
    • Automation of contract generation and management processes
    • AI-enabled dispatch scheduling and maintenance technician management
    • Self-learning invoice management optimization
    • Embedded AI algorithms for management of alerts and responses
    • Reduced reliance on manual processes and human intervention


The standards for operational excellence are changing. Advanced technologies like IoT, AI and ML will play increasingly prominent roles in the years to come. As the competitive landscape continues to tighten it will be those companies that utilize new technologies to create operational environments that are intelligent and interconnected that will be able to establish competitive advantage.

MicroAI Insight™ provides a comprehensive suite of Endpoint AI capabilities to any operation looking to improve and secure their long-term competitive position.