Team Quarantinis- Online Internal Hackathon Event by ONE Tech
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Predictive Manufacturing
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Hackathon – Quarantinis

Hackathon – Quarantinis

ONE Tech
Innovation Hackathon
for COVID-19

  • Start Date: 04/03/2020
  • End Date: 04/19/2020
  • Start Time: 4pm CDT
  • End Time: 4:30pm CDT


  • Tamar
  • Kendall
  • Saleem
  • Vicky
  • Mahesh

Team Summary

During COVID-19, we have seen so many challenges facing individuals and businesses and we wanted to create an application that allowed collaboration to support the community. The Hub-Bubble concept was developed from the idea of connecting (as a hub) different people who are quarantined (in their individual bubbles) so they could collaborate to provide free or for-a-fee goods, services and information. We also created a freemium tiered model so users could charge for their services to generate some additional income. The simple UX design built on the C2M© engine makes this application a formidable competitor against what is currently available on the market. It is unique in it’s simplicity. It was our goal to make this application for any user at any level of technological experience on any device.

The Quarantinis included a group of individuals with combined skills in Project Management, Business Analysis, UX/UI Design, and Development. Our team included; Mahesh Ramu who developed the concept and coordinated the overall project and provided supporting activities; Vicky Garg and Saleem Khan who were instrumental in the application development for the front-end and back-end; Kendall Campodonico who provided support in UX Design and graphics; and Tamar Morrison who provided business analysis and finalized the slide deck

Quarantinis’s Presentation Footage


Placing: 4-5th Place!


  1. First Place Team: $5000 team award plus Company would contribute $5000 towards your favorite charity working to help local communities
  2. Second Place Team: $2500 team award
  3. Third Place Team: $150 Amazon Gift Card for each member
  4. Lots of consolation prizes for everyone for participating

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