MicroAI Partner Program Brings Together the Best Innovation
Manufacturing and Industrial Automation companies have been trying to break the 70% OEE barrier. Predictive Manufacturing paves the way to OEE scores of 85%.
Predictive Manufacturing
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The MicroAI Partner Program – Bringing Together Innovation


The MicroAI Partner Program – Bringing Together Innovation

Technology partnerships foster collaboration. Collaboration fosters innovation. Innovation benefits us all, professionally and personally.

The most productive technology partnerships are those that bring together a diverse and complimentary base of companies, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and disruptors. Those partnerships are better positioned to combine the products and solutions that provide breakthrough capabilities within an increasingly competitive marketplace.


MicroAI’s Partner Program

The MicroAI Partner Program enables partners to integrate MicroAI’s breakthrough Embedded and Edge AI products into their product and solution portfolios to provide added value to their customers and to differentiate their offerings. How does the MicroAI program stand out?

  • Diverse: The inclusion of companies from a wide range of industries that includes telecom, manufacturing, automotive, financial, and infrastructure. This includes technology partners, consulting partners, channel partners, etc.
  • Collaborative: Many technology partnerships are “partnerships” in name only. Advantages of membership in the MicroAI Partner Program are comprehensive and mutually beneficial, fueled by active member collaboration.
  • Dynamic: Activity is key. Unlike many partnerships, the MicroAI Partner Program is alive and dynamic. Membership is not static and is open to any enterprise looking to engage in technology development and integration.
  • Innovative: The MicroAI Partner Program brings together companies that are developing the products and solutions that are powering advancements in Industry 4.0, IoT, and IIoT. Access to, and integration with, next-generation technologies powers the development of new product offerings and the creation of new revenue streams.



Participants in the MicroAI Partner Program have access to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Industry specific expertise across a broad spectrum of verticals and operational disciplines
  • Access to breakthrough technologies in AI, machine learning, IoT, cyber-security and more
  • Access to products and solutions that deliver deeper asset observability, predictive analytics, reduced data costs, and Zero Trust cyber-security
  • Comprehensive training and integration support on partnership products and solutions
  • Compensation for qualified customer referrals and engagements
  • All the above combine to provide differentiating product solutions, expanded market opportunities, and increased revenue



How it Works

MicroAI makes it easy for members to construct a partnership that best fits their individual needs. The process typically consists of a few basic steps.

  • Submit an application that details your goals for membership in the program
  • Exploratory discussions to determine:
    • Overview of products/services to assess partnership fit
    • Discuss engagement model for identified partnership path
    • Identify joint customer/solutions opportunities
    • Execute an NDA
  • Engage with the program technical team to:
    • Determine the most appropriate process for integration
    • Cross-company training on technology, products, and solutions
    • Identify potential operational value of joint solutions
  • Develop a joint revenue strategy that will determine:
    • For Channel Partners: Percentage of deployment revenue margins or flat rates for customer referrals
    • For SI/Consulting Partners: Revenue share for deployments, customer referrals, and/or professional services
    • For OEM and Cloud Partners: Revenue share for deployments, customer referrals, and/or managed services
  • Onboarding and integration that will:
    • Establish preliminary revenue goals
    • Map processes for sales and technical support
    • Provide roadmap for future joint opportunity development