MicroAI Brings AI and ML Solutions to the Financial Segment
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AI-enabled financial intelligence that transforms volumes of data into profitable insights. MicroAI™ brings a full suite of AI and Machine Learning (ML) solutions to the financial segment. AI and ML that improves cyber-security, provides a better customer experience, and opens new business opportunities.


Institutional and Customer Value

MicroAI provides the technology that enables the development of enterprise-grade intelligence for financial institutions and their customers. Greater efficiency and reduced risk for the institution. Enhanced service and experience for the customer. Greater security for both.


  • AI-enabled risk prediction, detection, and avoidance that can save millions of dollars in fraud costs
  • A real-time, non-siloed, 360⁰ perspective of the entire institutional and customer infrastructure that enables improvements in business efficiencies and customer experience
  • AI-enabled intelligent workflows that reduce the reliance on human intervention and ensure optimum execution of financial processes
  • Machine learning algorithms that provide early detection of potential regulatory infractions and that enable quicker mitigation.
  • Zero trust security protocols that provide hardened cyber protection and that shorten detection and reaction times (detection in seconds instead of hours/days).
  • Data from all the above displayed via customizable, interactive, drag-and drop dashboards that are interconnected with the sources of data

AI for Next-Generation Finance

MicroAI’s Edge-native AI platform delivers the core AI engine that drives a host of AI-enabled financial applications. MicroAI Launchpad™ is an enterprise platform for development of end-to-end, AI-enabled, financial management ecosystems. Launchpad provides next-generation capabilities in AI-program application and deployment, workflow automation, data ingestion, and data visualization. Technology that provides:

  • ML-Enabled Risk Assessment

    Personalized machine learning algorithms that provide rapid detection of anomalies in a potential borrower’s spending and credit application patterns.

  • Preventive Fraud Protection

    Customizable intelligence that provides end-point monitoring and analysis of transaction data points to detect fraud-indicative anomalies.

  • AI-Enabled Intelligent Workflows

    Financial workflows that are dynamic, automated, and self-learning. Process automation that eliminates human-introduced error.

  • Customer Experience Management

    Embedded AI that learns and evolves from customer interactions. Improves customer experience while reducing workforce requirements.

  • ML-Enabled Regulatory Compliance

    AI-enabled early detection of AML risk indicators that provide a 360⁰ view of customer behavior. Automated routing of alerts and mitigations.

  • Zero Trust Cyber-Security

    Ecosystem monitoring that includes AI-enabled security and SSL protocols. Protection from cyber-threats using encryption methods that protect against Zero-Day cyber-attack and other malware intrusions.

Interested in how MicroAI can benefit you?

 MicroAI AtomML brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.