MicroAI Demonstrates Edge-native AI Capabilities at CES 2022
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MicroAI Demonstrates Edge-native AI Capabilities at CES 2022


MicroAI Demonstrates Edge-native AI Capabilities at CES 2022

MicroAI™ was an active participant and exhibitor at the CES 2022 event in Las Vegas. This year’s event drew ~ 45,000 attendees from around the globe. The show featured more than 2,300 exhibitors highlighting emerging technology trends from a wide cross-section of markets and verticals.

In partnership with KDDI America, Inc., MicroAI provided CES attendees with compelling live demonstrations of the latest advancements in Edge-native AI products and capabilities, including:

  • Zero-Day Cyber Security: Zero-Day cyber-attacks will continue to pose a threat to IoT devices and machines during 2022 and beyond. MicroAI Security brings next-generation cyber security to mission-critical devices, machines, and processes.
  • MicroAI Launchpad: Launchpad provides a revolutionary tool to developers tasked with development, test, and launch of an AI program. The Launchpad platform reduces the time, cost, and risk of AI program development.
  • Predictive Manufacturing: Supported by MicroAI’s endpoint-AI technology (MicroAI AtomML™), MicroAI Factory brings predictive manufacturing to the manufacturing segment. Via asset-embedded intelligence, manufacturers can significantly improve factory floor performance.
  • Predictive Maintenance: The ability to accurately predict when a device or machine will require maintenance can be the difference between mediocre or exceptional OEE performance (overall equipment effectiveness).




The showcasing of these Edge-native AI platforms and capabilities demonstrated that MicroAI will continue to have a prominent position in development of solutions that drive advancements in AI, ML, and IoT capabilities.