A Powerful Modeling Tool Into the Hands of Data Scientists
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MicroAI Puts a Powerful Modeling Tool Into the Hands of Data Scientists


MicroAI Puts a Powerful Modeling Tool Into the Hands of Data Scientists

MicroAI has launched AIStudio, an AI-enabled data modeling platform that brings unprecedented power and flexibility to data scientists and developers. AIStudio provides a dynamic, user-friendly, environment for evaluating how MicroAI’s technologies and products can bring value to asset performance optimization and cyber-security use cases. Data scientists and other technology stakeholders in the manufacturing, telecom, and industrial sectors will benefit from an AI model evaluation process that is….


  • Faster: Complete assessment in hours instead of days/weeks
  • Simpler: Easier to use, requiring no extraneous expertise
  • More flexible: In-built flexibility to accommodate specific assessment requirements and use case trials
  • More dynamic: Real-time model evaluation assessment vs time-lag limitations
  • Less costly: Ability to evaluate AI models in a virtual environment significantly reduces cost
  • Less Risky: Ability to thoroughly evaluate before making an investment


A small sampling of technical capabilities of AIStudio would include:

At-a-Glance Visualization: Pre-configured visualizations that allow users to visualize and explore their asset data

Dynamic Model Tuning: Model optimization via live model tuning and dynamic feature engineering capability that does not require heavy programming knowledge

No Coding: AI models can be onboarded, tuned, and validated without having to develop any software code

Real-Time Insights: Rapid assessment of the impact of MicroAI’s technologies on asset data without having to spend time and money on integrating them to edge devices.


And Much More!

Visit AIStudio to learn more about this breakthrough data-modeling platform.