MicroAI™ Reduces Time, Risk, and Cost of AI Solution Deployment
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MicroAI™ Reduces the Time, Risk, and Cost of AI Solution Deployment

AI Solution Deployment

MicroAI™ Reduces the Time, Risk, and Cost of AI Solution Deployment

MicroAI’s Weightless AI technology powers the delivery of plug and play Endpoint and Edge AI solutions that are friendly to existing infrastructures, rapidly deployed, and quick to provide business and operational value. Frictionless AI Integration!

Deployment of existing AI solutions can take months, during which time there can be multiple disruptions to daily operations. Those disruptions cost money and can negatively impact bottom lines for extended periods of time. MicroAI’s endpoint (AtomML) and edge (AtomML+) technologies were designed to reduce the time required to customize AI-enabled products to meet specific customer needs and then to deploy those products into the customer’s machines, factory, factories, networks, etc.

MicroAI’s Weightless AI technology can be quickly integrated with existing customer applications and platforms. An ecosystem of intelligence is created without having to scuttle expensive assets and/or to procure new supporting solutions. Depending on the scope of integration, this can save the enterprise 100’s of thousands of dollars. Other business and operational benefits include:


  • Reduced Strain on Client Resources:  MicroAI has developed technologies that provide self-contained development tools and processes that significantly reduce the resource burden on the client.
  • Reduced Cost: Faster deployment time, reduced operational disruption, scalable implementations, and reduced reliance on external support systems all contribute to lower cost of solution ownership.
  • Faster Time-to-Benefit: Existing solutions can take 12 to 18 months to fully deploy. MicroAI’s Weightless AI technology reduces deployment time by as much as 75%.
  • Quicker ROI: All the above contribute to rapid return on investment!