STL Partners Identifies MicroAI
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STL Partners Identifies MicroAI as One of 15 Edge AI Companies to Watch During 2024


STL Partners Identifies MicroAI as One of 15 Edge AI Companies to Watch During 2024

STL partners, a leading technology research and consulting firm, has identified MicroAI as one of 15 Edge AI companies to watch during 2024.

MicroAI provides next-generation endpoint and edge AI-enabled solutions to companies within the Telecom, Manufacturing, Industrial, Automotive, and Financial sectors. MicroAI’s award-winning, proprietary, AI/ML technology– AtomML™–enables a breakthrough approach to using artificial intelligence to improve the performance, health, and security of devices, machines, and networks.

MicroAI is currently delivering AI-enabled use cases in the areas of closed-loop asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, network quality of service, and cybersecurity. The technology does not rely on cloud-based processing and instead operates entirely on edge devices. Inferencing and analysis take place on the machine or device itself without the need for data to be sent to a centralised cloud. This approach reduces the cost associated with transferring data back and forth, while also minimizing the impacts of data latency.

MicroAI’s technology was designed to be lightweight and integration friendly. Higher levels of automation, real-time point-to-point data streaming, low/no code development, and reduced reliance on extraneous hardware all combine to provide solutions that deliver value within weeks instead of months. An ecosystem of intelligence is created without having to scuttle expensive assets and/or to procure new supporting solutions. Depending on the scope of integration, this can save the enterprise tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.