Advanced Intellignce for the Next-Generation Data Center
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Data Centers

Leaner. More efficient. Greener. More Secure. More profitable. MicroAI™ provides the Edge-native AI and machine learning technologies necessary to manage increased data center loads, cost pressures, escalating cyber-threats, and increased customer expectations.


Data Center Operational Excellence

MicroAI Edge-native AI products and solutions provide the means to attain true operational excellence throughout the entire data center operation.

  • Optimized facility power utilization via the ability to monitor real-time power requirements at the asset and environment level. Automated reactions to changing requirements prevents power wastage and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Asset performance optimization utilizing personalized AI/ML algorithms that provide deeper observability into asset performance. Assets are continuously fine-tuned for optimum performance supported by predictive maintenance indicators.
  • Reduced data transmission cost via Edge-native AI that processes data at the device or machine level vs in the cloud. Data centers can save up to 80% on data transmission and cloud support costs.
  • More holistic conditions monitoring that eliminates siloed processes and operational blind spots. Intelligence that provides a consolidated 360⁰ view of real-time conditions within the data center.
  • Next-level process performance via the introduction of intelligent workflows. Workflows that go beyond automation by providing dynamic learning and self-adjustment and that minimize human involvement.
  • Enhanced Cyber Security that utilizes embedded and edge security algorithms that provide more robust cyber protection and that shorten detection and reaction times (detection in seconds instead of hours/days). A Zero trust data center security.

AI for the Advanced Data Center

MicroAI brings industry-specific AI and ML solutions to data-center operations. MicroAI’s Edge-native AI can be fully customized to meet the increased demands being placed on data center performance. Edge-native AI technology that takes data center intelligence to advanced levels.

  • Edge Intelligence

    AI that lives and trains directly on the edge to detect real-time operating anomalies, performance inefficiencies, and security threats.

  • Flexible/Scalable

    AI technology that requires no configuration and that can be deployed on individual data center assets or groups of assets.

  • Deep Observability

    Penetrating, ML-enabled insights into the performance, health, and security of all data center elements (facility, network, devices, machines, CPU bandwidth, etc.).

  • Self-Training

    Embedded and Edge AI that learns the normal states of asset/facility operation and self-trains to detect abnormal behaviour and to initiate optimization actions.

  • Intelligent Workflows

    AI-enabled workflows that learn and evolve to provide enhanced control and automation of all mission-critical processes within the data center operation.

  • Visualization and Dashboarding

    A visualization engine that enables real-time event management and dashboard visualization of all connected processes and assets throughout the data center.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Multidimensional behavioral algorithms utilize recursive analysis and processing to produce predictive analytics for asset performance, facility environmental conditions, and security threats.

  • Zero-Trust Cyber Security

    360⁰ cyber protection using breakthrough encryption methods that protect against Zero-Day cyber-attack and other malware intrusions.

Interested in how MicroAI can benefit you?

 MicroAI AtomML brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.

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