MicroAI Provides Next-Generation Vehicle Intelligence
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Vehicles – OT

As today’s vehicles are becoming increasingly connected and automated, automotive OEMs are being challenged to enhance the safety, reliability, and cyber-security of their automotive products. MicroAI™ offers a next-generation suite of Edge-native AI solutions to meeting these evolving challenges.


Vehicle Cyber-Security

Cyber-criminals can now launch an attack from the internet to compromise vehicle performance, reliability, and safety. In addition, malicious actors are increasingly targeting automotive OEMs for cyber-attack. Threats include:

Zero-Day Attacks:

A Zero-day attack is a cyber intrusion that remains hidden until date of activation. Attacks can include:

  • Unintended airbag deployment on thousands of vehicles
  • Sudden application of brakes at full speed
  • Unintended vehicle acceleration
  • Compromise of navigation system
  • Hacking of onboard vehicle diagnostics


Malware that infects various elements of connected vehicles. Once infected, the malicious actor demands a “ransom” for the return of access to systems and devices. A manufacturing outage due to malfunction or ransomware attack can cost an automotive OEM up to $28,000 per minute. Other impacts can include:

  • Loss of data and/or device access until ransom is paid
  • Long-term disruption in targeted vehicle operations
  • Repeat ransomware attacks on targets that continue to be vulnerable
  • Increased costs due to disruption-induced warranty and repair claims

Real-World Examples

  • A vehicle manufacturer recalled 1.4 million vehicles due to a bug that could enable an attack on brakes and transmission.
  • For half a decade, millions of vehicles were vulnerable to a remote exploit capable of everything from tracking vehicles to engaging or disabling braking systems.
  • A four-year vulnerability created an opportunity for an attacker to conduct a fully remote hack to start or stop the vehicle’s engine.

Consequences for Vehicles

The lack of effective cyber-security can have devastating and long-lasting consequences for the automotive OEM.

  • Mass malfunction, accidents & loss of life
  • Ransomware attack and monetary loss
  • Loss of consumer confidence
  • Long-term reduction in sales revenue
  • Extreme damage to brand name
  • Degradation in share value
  • Risk of large-scale lawsuits

Next-Generation Vehicle Intelligence

MicroAI is providing the endpoint and edge AI solutions that are the backbone of advanced vehicle cyber-security. MicroAI’s technology effectively hardens vehicle security via enablement of a host of next-generation capabilities, including:

  • Prevention of ransomware attacks that can cost millions
  • Prevent the loss of life due to attack on critical components
  • Deployment on a small scale or across entire fleets of vehicles or devices
  • Prevent massive financial costs due to security-induced disruption of services
  • Machine learning technology that operates on meager resources and that can be deployed on the tiniest of TCU
  • Understand typical device characteristics for each automotive device
  • Precise anomaly detection for faster mitigation and breakdown prevention
  • Predictive insights into vehicle status and security risks
  • Reduce data transmission cost by 80% by establishing intelligence at the edge and only transferring anomalies to the cloud
  • AI-enabled telematics improves maintenance by providing real-time data related to usage tracking of critical components, performance deviations, time-to-maintenance, and security threats
  • Significant savings worth millions of dollars

The Impact to Vehicles

MicroAI is providing the multi-faceted technology that will provide the pillars that support next-generation vehicle security and performance. Transformative advantages will include:

  • Vehicles that are more secure and more predictable
  • Improved roadway and driver safety
  • Higher levels of consumer confidence
  • Reduced susceptibility to Ransomware attack
  • Ability to offer differentiated automotive security solutions
  • Increased sales volumes and reduced costs
  • Elimination of security-related legal risks

Interested in how MicroAI can benefit you?

 MicroAI AtomML brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.

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