Agentless ML Platform for Optimization of IT and OT Assets
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MicroAI AtomML+ is an agentless machine learning platform for optimization of IT and OT asset Ecosystems. AtomML+ brings centralized intelligence to groups of devices and machines to deliver optimized performance, enhanced cyber-security, and reduced cost.


AtomML+ vs AtomML

AtomML is designed to be embedded into a single IT or OT asset while AtomML+ provides the inbuilt scalability to be applied to an ecosystem of assets. Comparative features and applications include:




Embedded ML engine for individual asset optimization


Edge-based ML engine for optimization of groups of assets


  • Runs on MCUs, MPUs and PLCs
  • Autonomous training
  • Asset-specific cyber-security
  • Low Cost & quick integration
  • Comparative & predictive performance analytics


  • Runs on MPUs, PLCs, DCS, MIPS, RISC, x86
  • Asset observability on individual & groups of devices & machines
  • Learns the baseline performance of the entire asset group


  • Industrial machines
  • IT and OT machines & devices
  • IoT & IIoT devices


  • Manufacturing operations
  • Process monitoring and optimization
  • IT infrastructures
  • OT infrastructures

Centralized Optimization of IT/OT Assets

AtomML+ enables deep observability and multi-spectrum predictive analytics within complex IT and OT infrastructures. AtomML+ provides AI / ML derived actionable insights, at the machine, factory, and enterprise levels. Asset ecosystem optimization advantages that include:

  • Centralized Data Management

    Data produced by groups of assets is managed from a centralized location. This improves the speed and reliability of data insights and actionable alerts.

  • More In-Depth Health Scores

    Depending on configuration, AtomML+ can either generate health scores for each individual asset, or a single health score for the entire IT or OT asset ecosystem.

  • Light and Flexible

    AtomML+ is an agentless-based platform that requires no external software processes and is less reliant on development of customized application code. AtomML+ can be deployed in a wide range of IT and OT ecosystems.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Operational excellence requires not only knowledge of what is happening now, but insights into potential future developments. AtomML+ provides the deep learning that is required for true predictive analytics and insights. Moving from reactive to predictive asset management.


Unlocking the power of connected objects with Edge-native AI

IT and OT Operational Excellence

Intelligence that is reliable, immediate, and cost-effective is the key to achieving new levels of operational excellence within any IT or OT environment. AtomML+ brings the latest in edge-based, agentless, AI technology to bear on operational excellence. Demonstrable benefits include:

  • Improve OEE

    A 15% improvement in OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) can equate to a 17% increase in productivity. An operation producing $60M worth of products can increase their output to ~ $70M.

  • Process Optimization

    Edge-based intelligent workflows that optimize the performance and efficiency of every critical process, interaction, or transaction across the IT or OT business enterprise.

  • Rapid Plug and Play Deployment

    Unlike cumbersome, legacy, AI solutions, AtomML+ can be deployed and providing value with a couple of weeks as opposed to several months.

  • Cost-Effective

    A centralized, holistic, cost-effective, agentless AI ecosystem that delivers ongoing optimization and intelligent governance of the entire IT or OT infrastructure

Rapid Cyber-Threat Detection

AtomML+ trains advanced security algorithms directly into the devices, machines, or processes within the IT or OT infrastructure. AtomML learns the normal state of asset behavior and provides early-stage detection of profile deviations caused by cyber intrusion. Comprehensive cyber-security that delivers:

Agentless Security
Enhanced cyber security that eliminates external software support systems, reduces exposure of data to peripheral functions, and centralizes the monitoring of assets.
Customized algorithms
Edge-based predictive AI and ML algorithms that learn and predict the behavior of mission-critical IT and OT assets. The ability to predict upcoming cyber events.
Real-time alerts and reactions
Edge-based security that enables quicker detection and reaction to ransomware and zero-day infections. Mitigate the spread and impact of an attack.
Improved scalability
Once security protocols have been validated on a limited number of assets, AtomML+ can be quickly scaled to include a larger number of devices and machines. This eliminates the risk associated with deployment of too large a security solution at the onset.

Interested in how MicroAI can benefit you?

 MicroAI AtomML brings big infrastructure intelligence down into a single piece of equipment or device.